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A Lot Of Damage?

Is what “Special Functions” minister Abdul Latin said concerning the very costly “renovations to be carried out at the official residence Seri Perdana. He did NOT go on to specify the damage(s) or to identify who caused them. Why not? If huge sums of public money need to be spent on repairs why are those who caused the damage not being billed for that?  Dont want to used mega thief Najib who must have been responsible for much, if not all, of the damage during his long occupation of the building?

Or is it all just a PN lie to cover up the cost of funding the whims of the current occupant? Does the ineffable PM find the dirt and damage of the Najb, Muyhiddin years so offensive that almost 49 MILLION ringgit of public money has to be spent for this purpose?

What needs to be done? The public, who will have to oay for it, have the right to know te details. Will PN come clean? Dont hold your breath.

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