Land Grabs

The Godfather Of Sarawak – Time To Investigate His Legacy

Time to address former Governor Taib Mahmud’s real legacy, namely his billionaire’s hoard of disputed cash and assets, misappropriated thanks to his tragic record of abuse of power, maladministration and railroading of the rights of the people of Sarawak….

Ragad’s Next Move Is A Landgrab! – EXCLUSIVE

Sarawak’s premiere land grabbing Taib family may be shocked to learn that ‘stepmum’ Ragad has been grabbing land off them. This comes just days after SR revealed that Taib had allegedly also signed over 50 million CMSB shares to his second wife ……

Final Appeal Court Slams Sarawak’s Land Grab Tactics And Hints At The Elephant In The Room – CORRUPTION

After years, even decades, hundreds of Sarawak Land Grab cases are still wending their way through the courts, long after the native lands in question have been plundered and destroyed. The glaring issue in these David and Goliath battles is that the concessions themselves were almost without exception the product of corrupt cronyism and nepotism under the rule of the former chief minister and current billionaire Governor of the state, Taib Mahmud……….

Sarawak’s Land Grab Laws Must Go!

Now that BN have got around to ditching Taib they need to ditch his unconstitutional land grab laws too. The former Chief Minister passed a series of amendments to Sarawak’s Land Codes, in order to help himself to lands belonging to the native communities. One such change in May 2000 obliterated native rights to their

Greedy Geneids Grabbing Again – EXCLUSIVE!

Once again local people in Sarawak have been forced to come out and protest against a greedy and un-regulated land grab. Once again a place of great natural beauty and enormous scientific importance is under threat. And once again it is the greedy Taib family who are behind the raid on one of Sarawak’s most

Ministers Ordered Police To Free Crony Gangsters – EXCLUSIVE!

  Sarawak Report can reveal that four head gangsters, who were caught after the discovery of an enormous illegal arms cache at the disputed logging and plantation concessions at Melikin, were freed by police on instructions from ministers! Since their release there has been a further series of vicious attacks on local people, whom the

Norway’s Ethical Stance Shames Its Citizens In Sarawak

Once again Norway’s massive public pension fund has reviewed its investments in Sarawak and blacklisted two more unethical companies, both closely linked to Chief Minister Taib Mahmud. Having vetoed Samling Global because of its destructive and illegal practices back in 2010, the so-called ‘Oil Fund’, which is the world’s largest institutional investor, has now produced detailed

Spotlight On Melikin – How Gangsterism And Politics Mix In Sarawak..

Taib Mahmud has complained that Sarawak is in the ‘media spotlight’ after years of ‘obscurity’. But, thanks to that obscurity and his own media blackout, gangsterism has been allowed to flourish unreported against the native people of the state. For years these organised thugs have waged systematic violence against rural communities, in order to enforce the

Solid Evidence Versus Taib’s Lies

Over and again Chief Minister Taib Mahmud pulls arbitrary figures from his imagination to deny his destruction of Sarawak.  Flunkeys line up to agree with him. For example, not so long ago the dotty old dictator pronounced that 70% of Sarawak remains untouched virgin jungle and that most of the rest of the state is

No Resolution Without Justice

This past month saw Taib Mahmud’s 50th anniversary of uninterrupted public office.  Thirty three of those years have been spent as Chief Minister of the State of Sarawak. He has chosen this symbolic moment to make various remarks acknowledging the ‘lack of progress’ achieved by the Dayak people during that time. Yet, cheekily, he suggests

Concern Over Australia’s Mega-Pay Outs To Taib Family Firm

Concerns have been mounting over the millions of dollars being paid out by the Australian government to the company Ta Ann, owned by the fabulously wealthy cousin and business proxy of the Chief Minister, Hamed Sepawi. The amount paid out so far in incentives first to locate in Tasmania; then to surrender previously agreed logging

“Qui Moi”? – Palm Oil Tycoons Protest Innocence!

As predicted, the great palm oil agri-businesses were quick to blame small-holders for the smog that has engulfed the region in past days. Doubtless, we can expect several small farmers to be rounded up and severely punished over the coming period. On this site the very first comment to our story on the smoky problem

Australia Buys Out Taib-Linked Logging Contract To Save Its Forests

In a surprise development the Taib family company Ta Ann has accepted a multi-million dollar settlement from the Australian Government, in order to give up major timber supplies in the state of Tasmania. The move is a stunning vindication for environmental campaigners in the state, who have suffered vilification and arrests for protesting against the logging

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