Carbon Cowboys

Samling’s Blueprint Carbon Venture Raises Red Flags For Sarawak – SR INVESTIGATION

For a mere 5% levy to the state and its people the timber giant Samling plans to convert poorly producing licensed plantation areas into a ‘profit for doing nothing’ carbon credit scheme. The GPS government has also offered the company a 30 year extension to just ‘sit back and earn’. How come?…..

Something For Nothing Guy, Jeffrey Kitingan, Is Caught Out Again!

This latest all round episode of further hoodwinking presents just one more reason why the people of Sabah, particularly the short-changed indigenous landowners who are being siren’d with seductive promises of making “billions from zero”, should (like climate NGOs) take everything Kitingan says with a very large pinch of salt.

Carbon Credit Rush Hits Papua New Guinea

As a shipload of mysterious timber extracted from Papua New Guinea is impounded in Bintulu we look at how the carbon speculators are also targeting the poor communities of that nation. This week one local Governor threw out a project he labelled a “scam” and future carbon credit deals have been suspended. A lesson for Malaysia?…..

Sabah’s Government Held To Ransom By A Carbon Kleptocrat – Devastating Plea To The UN!

Yesterday’s appeal to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous People by no less than 19 civil society organisations, including WWF Malaysia, the Centre for International Environmental Law and South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership, is a damning document. It demands intervention by the international peace organisation over the state’s bogus ‘Nature Conservation Agreement’

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