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A Phantom Hundred Billion Ringgit

The coup coalition crooks, headed by Ismail Sabri, have announced that they will present a Budget to spend 100 billion ringgit MORE than they expect to raise in revenue. Where will this enormous money grab come from? Down from heaven? Huge tax increases? Or simply from sources that would like to have absolute control over Malaysia? Like Beijing for example.?

The PN gangsters dont care. They know that even if suckers can be found to finance this enormous deficit that will be the last time.

So the conclusion must be that the extra 100 billion ringgit will in fact fund the retirement of the PN gang who will hope to live out their days in places where extradition cannot reach them.

The fact that this mega theft will leave Malaysia bankrupt and unable to fund public services will seem a long way off from the hideouts of the PN criminals. So far no explanation of any kind has come from PN about this “overspend”.  Dont hold your breath.

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