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Defence Industry!

Press reports quote “prime minister” Sabri as saying that the national defence and security industry policy is “expected to be launched within a month or two”

Some Malaysians might be surprised to learn that no policy currently  exists in the vital matter of national defence. Others, better informed about PN crookery, will realise that it takes time to organise large scale thefts from defence funds. Curiously  he made no mention of the shipbuilding scandal recently uncovered nor about the “ghost” frigates, paid for but not delivered. No resale value perhaps?

The plain fact of the matter is that PN interest in national defence is limited to what can be stolen from defence funding and the “policy” trumpeted by Sabri will be limited to transferring funds voted for defence to PN pockets. Like all other Budget funds.

In fact PN might be better employed in assessing the threats to the security of Malaysia and how best to counter them. Certainly not with ghost warships or military guards of honour! Of course the attractive thing about defence expenditure is that it can be huge and easily stolen from. Frigates! Non submerging submarines Najib style and doubtless other swindles yet to surface. They will.

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