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Dirty As Coal

Only in Malaysia! While the whole world, China and some rogue countries apart, have shunned the mining and use of pollutant coal in comes Malaysia to add to the pollution. And not just the pollution from coal itself but the equally dangerous evil of official corruption.

This disgusting tale of official wrongdoing is, sadly, only too typical of the corrupt condition into which Sarawak has fallen under the Taib regime, a group currently intent on fixing the Sate election in their favour; as they have consistently done for decades. Sarawakians might reasonably ask what sin they have committed to justify the evil government which has grabbed every penny and every natural resource and stolen them for themselves.

Coal is dirty but the Taib administration, nominally headed by a tame Malay, is even dirtier and does greater damage to what was once a peaceful and prosperous place and which is now a swamp of corruption holding an “election” which is bound to spread Covid; something the vaccinated GPS bosses dont care bout. THEY won’t care  who lives and who dies. Five more years in the dungheap is worth a lot of lives.

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