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Housing The Deadwood

A little known law emerged into public view recently when it was suggested that mega crook Najib should, as an ex Prime Minister, be gifted an house at public expense. There is, it seems, an existing law, passed presumably by a past UMNO government, allowing this scandalous practice. As though such gentlemen had not had ample opportunity to accumulate funds for this purpose while in office.

It is particularly scandalous that such a proposal should be made for mega crook Najib while his appeal against conviction continues to be blocked by the judiciary; acting, no doubt, on orders from PN. The public wait, no doubt in vain, for any explanation from the Chief Justice, responsible for this judicial failure.

Quite why former Prime Minsters should be entitled to a house at public expense is something that PN should explain. The fact that a past Assembly passed such corrupt legislation is irrelevant and means nothing more than that its necessary removal from the Statute Book should be undertaken when time permits. Meanwhile it should remain otiose.

So far as publicly provided accommodation for ex PM Najib is concerned no problem exists. His room at Sg. Buloh is ready and waiting for his long term occupation.

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