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Power Without Responsibility

It must be assumed that the Agong considered all the facts when overturning the sensible decision of his Deputy to defer the Sarawak election..

Among those facts must have been that to hold an election while a deadly pandemic is raging amounts to a licence to the crooks holding power in Sarawak to condemn to death a considerable number of covid sufferers. Not just that but to allow the disease to spread.

Shades of Nuremberg and the execution of Nazi bosses. The latter had of course committed gross crimes including mass murder. Will a day come when those responsible for going ahead with this election will face similar charges? That should cause a twitch orĀ  two in royal and political necks.

This insane and criminal course of action can have any one explanation. All those concerned, Abang Jo and all his ministers are fully aware that by so acting they are condemning to death large numbers of their fellow Sarawakians. Dont they care? Apparently not. They should remember that mass murder, which this decision entails, ends with a rope not five years more entitlement to theft.

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