CCP Special Agent Najib?

Convicted former prime minister Najib Razak will be officiating the upcoming 2021 World Chinese Economic Forum (WCEF).

Alongside delivering a keynote address, the Pekan MP will also be attending the gala dinner and award ceremony as part of the event, which is hosted by Malaysia at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya tomorrow.

Najib, who was described as a “national embarrassment” by judge Datuk Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil, will be speaking about “Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind” in his opening speech….

WCEF is an annual one-day event that aims to discuss the future of the world with China’s global stewardship.

This year will see 250 delegates comprising government leaders, captains of industries, and budding entrepreneurs discussing economic issues pertaining to the rising global superpower.

Besides a session on the topic of employing multilateralism when tackling global crises, the occasion will also facilitate discussions on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Source: The Vibes

Our comment

If anyone had any doubts that the corrupted Najib Razak was supposed to have delivered Malaysia bound hand and foot to the economic domination of totalitarian China this ought to settle them.

His story follows the model of many a resource and strategic target of the would-be ‘world economic steward’ whose leaders regard the personal liberty of their subjects as a mere inconvenience to be set aside for the greater goal of their own domination, not just of China but of everybody else as well.

Just facilitate the corruption of greedy venal leaders, such as Najib, in order to put them (and by extension their country) in China’s pocket. The Chinese are not the first would-be world empire to try this tactic and, like some third world tin-pot dictator, Najib has been only too happy to sell his country for handbags and diamonds and a movie or two.

So, consider the choice of the Sheraton Hotel KL, as the venue for this event to be highly emblematic.

This was where the coup against the democratic backlash against Najib’s perfidy took place. China invested a considerable amount of cash and political capital getting its claws into this crooked former leader (they channelled his thefts and have got the goods on all his corruption… Jho Low remains their hostage).  So the CCP is extremely gratified to see him fighting to return to the driving seat in Malaysia with UMNO now wedged back in office, thanks to the decisions of Najib’s own local sultan, the current royal appointer.

What this says about the present moral state of China and its attitude towards its aspirational role as ‘economic steward’ of the world population is telling. That they are willing to allow a convicted mega-crook (condemned not just throughout the free world but in his own courts) to be elevated and lionised in this way is a shocking reflection of the CCP’s present values and the hypocrisy of its so called anti-corruption agenda.

It is also a disgraceful snub to the Malaysian people who fought to remove a shameful crook from office and are now finding him re-imposed and allegedly rehabilitated thanks to full assistance from his handlers in Beijing.

Najib is a clear and present danger to Malaysia as he is clearly still China’s favoured agent to run the nation according to the dictates of a foreign power.  His job in return for being China’s agent? To line up Malaysia’s fate as the next domino to fall in the onslaught against democracy, liberty and the rule of law in Southeast Asia.

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