Don’t Be “Pre-Occupied” With Good Old Corruption, Says Bersatu Deputy

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Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim should not be preoccupied with eradicating corruption but must also focus on improving the standard of living for Malaysians, said Ahmad Faizal Azumu.

The Bersatu deputy president pointed out this is part of the premier’s duties.

“As a Muslim, I believe that when you ask Allah, Allah will give.

“So he asked Allah for 20 years (to become the prime minister). Now you are the PM, you have the mandate. This is your responsibility,” he added.

The question is whether this Deputy (whose boss is in court for stealing millions) is stupid or just thinks his voters are stupid?

By making these remarks he acknowledges the corruption that exists in his own party, but claims it doesn’t matter. Greedy politicians should just be allowed to steal the people’s hard earned taxes and somehow this has nothing to do with them being poor and services being unavailable.

After all, he explains, it is not for the government to help them as they should rely instead on “Allah to provide”.
(Is this a word that Sarawak Report would even be allowed to use in barmy PN controlled Malaysia? Who knows, but everywhere else in the world it’s considered to be fine).

So, if this ‘Peja’ and his boss were to steal money that could have gone to help mitigate the effects of food prices on those people already impoverished by corrupt governance in a richly resourced land, it would not be them to blame but the people’s for not asking Allah to provide?

Or …. is he saying it is Allah’s fault for landing them with such a dreadful bunch of brigands as their leaders?

In fact, even the poorest people realise that Allah is there to guide our morals and these determine conduct and who to vote for and who to punish when they sin (including and especially those kleptocrats who abuse the people’s trust).

It is clear this Desperate Deputy wishes people would believe that punishing sinners should be left to Allah also and that the government and judiciary should not trouble themselves on the matter.  They don’t, but it would certainly let his party off the hook!

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