Has Shafee Lost His Magic Touch?

SRC appeal verdict tomorrow, court dismisses Najib’s bid to adduce new evidence

 The Court of Appeal is set to deliver its verdict tomorrow on Najib Abdul Razak’s appeal to quash his conviction and sentencing in the RM42 million SRC International case.

In a unanimous decision today, the three-person bench chaired by judge Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil dismissed the former prime minister’s application to adduce fresh evidence in the appeal…

Karim said that Najib’s application failed to fulfil the requirement under Section 61 of the Courts of Judicature Act that any such additional evidence is not only relevant to the case but that it was not available during the criminal trial and was capable of creating reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case.

Our comment

Are his record bouts of exposure to Covid 19 to blame? Najib’s flash lawyer seems to have lost his touch. He almost appears to be acting desperately.

Today, after a particularly astonishing display of contempt as he and his client simply failed to turn up to hear their own application (for another delay) at the KL court, Shafee once again blamed the bug.

He had been asking for an umpteenth, eleventh hour delay on the ruling due tomorrow on Najib’s already inordinately delayed appeal against his SRC conviction, based on what he described as the discovery of ‘new evidence’.

However, as his own submissions have shown, this evidence turned out to be a year old, during which time he had failed to introduce his arguments as the ruling was delayed in other ways. The ‘evidence’ was also irrelevant to the question of Najib’s own guilt.

All this the judges pointed out as they rejected Shafee’s application, having finally located the missing duo and dragged them into a zoom session of the court on the threat of incarceration of his client.

Which leaves one wondering if Najib’s accident prone advocate is running out of tricks and foundering?

One should not presume so. Theatrics are Shafee’s style and his bag of tricks is deep and wide and packed with the most persuasive ammo. What’s more, Najib has remained placid over his fate since the day he was charged, telling all who care to listen that he will not face punishment for his actions.

It appears Rosamah is no longer playing safe in Singapore!


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