Which Is More Worrying: The Arrogance Or Stupidity?

Netizens have asked if they can receive the same treatment after Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa visited former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at his Kuala Lumpur residence even though house visits are banned during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Annuar, who is Umno’s Ketereh MP, revealed his visit on Twitter but deleted the post after it sparked public outrage.

“Today, we as husband and wife had the chance to visit Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Jeane Abdullah at their residence at Bait Badawi, Kuala Lumpur.

“We spent more than two hours with him and had lunch cooked by Jeane. May Allah always blesses Pak Lah’s whole family,” he tweeted.

Following the post, several netizens replied with a screen capture of the SOP which stated that house visits were not allowed.

“Even if you’re not smart, at least be a good example,” said one Twitter user.

Others lamented that they had not seen their family for a long time and asked if they, too, could visit their parents.

“It’s been almost two years. You can have Raya family pictures while some of the rest cannot. This is unfair,” another Twitter user said.


Our comment

Annuar Musa wasn’t caught out breaking the harsh ‘anti-Covid’ rules imposed by his own government. He revealed it himself!

Ministers all over the world have been forced to resign in the face of popular fury over far smaller and perhaps more understandable violations, but this nitwit boasted openly about the transgression because he was so keen to brag that a former PM had made him (and the missus) welcome at his home.

Is the stupidity more worrying or the arrogance that comes with his sense that he can get away with such gross behaviour (along with all his colleagues who openly act likewise) whilst Malaysians suffer under gratuitously harsh conditions which they imposed?

With selfish fools like this in charge what chance does Malaysia have of combatting Covid?

It is yet another glimpse for infuriated Malaysians into how ‘the other half lives’, namely the politicians who make the laws and their friends and families and crony hangers on, compared to the rest of the population facing fines often just for trying to survive.

The fact that this man survived even one hour in office after such a scandalous admission is as good a sign as any of the moribund nature of the Muhyiddin government, lacking in spine, direction and credibility let alone a shred of moral or any other accountability.

Yet is seems clear that these useless and selfish creatures will continue with their fantasy that they are governing the country, are loved by all and can do as they please until someone puts them out of their dangerous delusion which is costing lives.

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