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Let's Not Have An Election!

Since the Melaka government fell there has been talk of the need for an election there. This has clearly frightened PN, who dont support elections anywhere or anytime. Any public test of their popularity and record would certainly result in a major slap in the face for them. Its one thing to have control of the government, aided and abetted by royal interference, but another to face democratic elections.

No-one knows this better than Ismail Sabri and his fellow conspirators in the seizure of political power at the federal level and the last thing they want is any public demonstration oif their unpopularity. So some means will be found to prevent any Malacca election. Covid is already being mooted as such an excuse.

The basic fact of the matter is that Sabri and his fellows know that they would lose. SO. No more nonsense about voting. At least not until PN have stolen everything and left the country to spend it,

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