How Come Sarawak’s JPN Continues To Block Indigenous ID Rights?

Whatever autonomies Malaysia’s federal government may feel obliged to offer the North Borneo states in return for their political support, the human rights of the denizens of Malaysia are its responsibility. If state governments are neglecting those rights by denying statehood the national government should take action…….

Kuwaiti Supreme Court Upholds Sentences Against 1MDB Conspirators

Sheikh Sabah Jaber Al-Mubarak, the son of the Kuwait prime minister of the time, was first exposed as a co-conspirator of Jho Low by Sarawak Report in 2020. Last week the highest court upheld his ten year prison term along with that of his business partner and friend of Jho Low, Hamad Al Wazan, and lawyer Saud Abdelmohsan……

Malaysia’s Rainforest Threat Is Focused On Sarawak

According to the latest report by the Malaysian environmental group RimbaWatch, the vast majority of remaining rainforest under grave threat from timber concessions is based in Sarawak – where the ruling party are pushing harder than ever for autonomy to pursue their cash ambitions. The report released last week identifies that of 3.2 million hectares

Pincer Movement To Seize PetroSaudi’s Frozen Assets

1MDB has made its move to recover the $1.83 billion lost in the 1MDB joint venture with PetroSaudi. Success would appear to rely on a civil action that includes the white shoe law firm White & Case as defendants in the case. However, there is competition afoot from an continuing case in the United States to recover the bulk of the PetroSaudi assets made from Venezuela …..

Why Are Sarawakians’ Rights To Local Democracy Being Hijacked?

Once again this week, the online Radio Free Sarawak has had reason to cover abuses of what ought to be the democratic appointment of village headmen in rural Sarawak. These strong arm tactics have notably occurred in situations where the headman has stood up for his community against intrusions by logging or other commercial interests into their area…..

Power Of Engaging

The NGO Engage joined forces with press and freedom groups on Thursday to re-launch a fund to protect journalists and civil society campaigners from abusive and oppressive law suits designed to stifle public debate in Malaysia. Thomas Fann, the chairperson of Engage, reminded that the fund was originally launched in 2015 to support those who

UK House of Lords Committee Hears Evidence On Terengganu’s Jail Sentence Against SR Editor

The Terengganu Court has demanded Clare Rewcastle Brown should appear in person to make her appeal against a jail sentence that was passed against her in absentia after a trial she was never notified would take place for an alleged crime of defamation for which she is yet to be charged. Can Malaysia sentence you in your absence then challenge you to appear to appeal the sentence?……

Going ‘Green’ Requires Governance

Reports of illegal logging are rampant in Sarawak and time and again the response of the police, the forestry department, local officials and the state government is to do precisely nothing. Take for example this ongoing destruction by foreign workers for a mystery employer in Ulu Sebauh recorded just this week…..

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